McDonalds Flying Cow or the McGangBang (Rated M)

The Legendary McGangBang (Rated M)I was introduced to a burger the other day called a Flying Cow.  After some research I was corrected and the official term for the burger I’m reviewing today is the McGangBang (rated M).  What is the McGangBang (M)? It’s a powerfully delicious union of the Double Cheeseburger (or a McDouble) and a Spicy Chicken sandwich.  Not all McDonalds restaurants know what this burger is though.  According to my research it originated at a Daytona Beach McDonalds and has taken off from there.  Whether or not your local McDonalds knows what a McGangBang (M) is, you can make it yourself just as easily. (How to make a McGangBang Video) Continue Reading