President Obama visits Five Guys for a Cheeseburger

When the President of the United States plays basketball for exercise and eats at Five Guys, I feel pretty good about the country I live in.  In fact, when I found out about his latest visit to an area Five Guys for a Cheeseburger  with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and jalapeno peppers.  He also got 8 more burgers and 10 order of fries, which tells me he likes to spread the burger love around the White House. Continue Reading

Five Guys is the best burger in town….any town!

If you haven’t heard about Five Guys, let me be the first to say that it is the Best Burger in Town!…..any town!  For about $10 a meal (including fries and a drink) you will experience a deliciously hand-made burger, real potato fries and an atmosphere that makes everything better.  They have two locations in Utah now, both in Salt Lake County.  My favorite is in Sandy by SouthTowne Mall.  When you walk into a burger joint the best way to tell if it’s good is the line.  Today’s line up was almost out to the door at 12:30pm.  Here’s the picture Continue Reading