Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger (and Bacon)

Arctic Circle double cheeseburger mealWell it’s about time I officially review a Utah original. Arctic Circle was the first “what is that?” fast food experience I had when I arrived in Utah and where I first fell in love with fry sauce. Sweet, tangy, delicious fry sauce. In fact, many locals agree that besides the ice cream, Arctic Circle’s fry sauce is simply the best. We’ll save that for another post for today is Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger review day. Complimentary ice cream cones, friendly staff, amazing shake flavors and big time fun play areas aside, Arctic Circle seems to popular wherever they are so here goes. Continue Reading

Steak n Shake Double Cheeseburger

Steak n Shake RestaurantSteak n Shake was a pleasant surprise.  After a short walk past empty restaurant parking lots I came across a packed and busy Steak n Shake restaurant and was ready for a new burger adventure.  I walked in and saw happy families, groups of friends and couples all enjoying large glasses of shakes and/or devouring what appeared to be very tasty burgers. Continue Reading

McDonalds Flying Cow or the McGangBang (Rated M)

The Legendary McGangBang (Rated M)I was introduced to a burger the other day called a Flying Cow.  After some research I was corrected and the official term for the burger I’m reviewing today is the McGangBang (rated M).  What is the McGangBang (M)? It’s a powerfully delicious union of the Double Cheeseburger (or a McDouble) and a Spicy Chicken sandwich.  Not all McDonalds restaurants know what this burger is though.  According to my research it originated at a Daytona Beach McDonalds and has taken off from there.  Whether or not your local McDonalds knows what a McGangBang (M) is, you can make it yourself just as easily. (How to make a McGangBang Video) Continue Reading