White Castle Sliders, Cheeseburgers and Fries

White Castle BurgersI am no longer a White Castle virgin.  That’s right, it happened.  Last night I experienced my first White Castle slider, White Castle cheeseburger, White Castle A1 slider, White Castle bacon cheeseburger and White Castle fries.  In other words, I got my White Castle on.  I immediately had a combination of interesting scenes go through my mind including a little Harold and Kumar mixed with the White Castle Under Cover Boss episode I watched recently, both very different yet intriguing.  With that said, my first White Castle experience was fantastic. Continue Reading

Serving Time Cafe Prison Cheeseburger

The Serving Time Cafe is located at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah and was most recently known as Hard Times Cafe (thanks to trademark issues the name is changed).  Pulling in to the Utah State Prison parking lot is always a good time and I’ll admit the first time there I was a little anxious to make it to the right place….it is a prison.  Luckily all signs point to the Serving Time Cafe which is located in one of the front trailers.  There are a few outside tables for seating with another 15-20 seats inside.  The place is run by inmates who have obviously worked hard for permission to work in the Cafe and you can feel their passion for food and freedom as soon as you walk in.  The staff looks experienced and ready to serve and other than the trailer you’re eating in and the fact that you’re at the prison, the food is delicious. Continue Reading

Atlantis Burgers Cheeseburger in American Fork, Utah

Atlantis Burgers cheeseburgerGood news for American Fork area burger lovers.  JCWs is not your only choice for a charbroiled burger.  Introducing the now open Atlantis Burgers on the corner of 500 East and State St. in American Fork, Utah.  Atlantis Burgers joins the greek burger restaurant family of pastrami burger makers including, Apollo Burger, Crown Burger, Burger Supreme and Astro Burger but it’s one unique piece is its location.   Northern Utah County has been overlooked by these other chains for some time now so Atlantis Burger stands to gain some loyal fans if all cards are played right. Continue Reading

Cheeseburger in a Can

Believe it.Attention Lovers of the Outdoors: If you’ve ever wished for a cheeseburger while out in the middle of nowhere the answer has arrived.  Thanks to Trevor A. (and the internet) I was introduced to the mighty Cheeseburger-In-A-Can.  Yes, it’s a canned cheeseburger with a 12 month shelf life that requires only a hot water bath and a hungry soul.  Knowing that whatever I eat for lunch or dinner can’t be worse than a canned cheeseburger has helped me commit to another year of burger blogging.  Apparently this canned creation of madness is only available in Germany but don’t think I’m not looking for a way to get my hands on some! Continue Reading

Crown Burger’s Cheeseburger Combo – Fries and Dr Pepper

Today I had the chance to experience Salt Lake City’s Crown Burger which is always a great place to park for a Jazz Game.  I took my 2 year old and we enjoyed Cheeseburgers, Fries and Drinks.  I love the Crown Burger fry sauce!  It’s got fun chunkies in it that add to the flavor and make me want to double dip (even though I am very much against it, even when I eat alone). Continue Reading