Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger Review Carl’s Jr

YGrilled Cheese Bacon Burgerou’ve seen the commercial for the new Grilled Cheese bacon burger being the first grilled cheese sandwich you can feel comfortable buying in front of others without being looked at as a child but is the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger from Carl’s Jr. as good as it looks?  Great question. Continue Reading

Carl’s Jr. Big Carl Combo Gift Card Giveaway

Big Carl Combo!!I didn’t believe it at first but am now converted.  Carl’s Jr. is running a special to beat all specials on the newest Combo Meal – The BIG CARL COMBO – in which you receive a Gift Card with your combo worth $1, $3, $5, $10 or $100.  The trick is you don’t find out what it’s worth until your next visit.  Another win for Carl’s Jr.  Not only do I get a Big Carl Combo (XL please) for about $5.50 but I get at least $1 dollar off my next trip to Carl’s Jr. Continue Reading

Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s Money-Back Guarantee and the Big Hardee

The Big HardeeToday is the the official launch of the Money-Back Guarantee at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.  If you don’t agree that the Hardee’s Thickburgers or the Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burgers are better than the McDonald’s Angus Burgers (any of them) you can request a mail in form and get your money back.  I’m sure they’ll get some takers but just because a free lunch always tastes good, not because of taste. Continue Reading

Big Carl vs Big Mac – Let the Burger Battles Continue

Big Carl!The Big Carl vs. Big Mac war is, in the words of Kung Fu Panda, PURE AWESOMENESS.  Who doesn’t love a Big Mac?  Who doesn’t love Carls’ Jr?  Now we are getting some real comparison shopping opportunities as Carl’s Jr. offers the world a cheaper, meatier and hopefully better Big Mac.  This all started with the $3.99 Angus Burgers that McDonalds has been marketing.  With an apparent attack on the Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burger menu, McDonalds has high hopes for their Angus Burger offerings.  In my McDonalds Angus Burger review, I hopefully made it clear that my opinion of them isn’t high.  POINT: CARLS JR. Continue Reading

The Value Menu Burger Comparison – Wendy’s, McDonalds, Carl’s Jr.

Since the popular thing for any fast food restaurant is their Value Menu and because we all love a $1 price tag, I figured it was time to compare the Value Menu burgers at a few of fast food burger joints.  First I hit Wendy’s for a Wendy’s Double Stack which is a simple two pattie burger with cheese between a cheap Wendy’s bun.  Then I went to McDonalds and got their new McDouble which is simply the previously famous Double Cheeseburger minus one slice of cheese.  Finally I went to Carl’s Jr. for the Big Hamburger which is the Carl’s Jr. cheapskate burger without any cheese. Continue Reading