Triple Buster Buster Burger Review

triple buster at buster burgerThere’s a new burger restaurant in South Jordan called Buster Burger and it is home to the Single Buster, Double Buster and the mighty Triple Buster.  As this was my first trip to Buster Burger it only felt right to get started with the massive Triple Buster which is, as you can imagine, a triple burger with cheese and all the toppings one man can handle.  First off, Buster Burger has nailed it with their choice of bun.  The bun was delicious and was not only delicious by itself but held together for an entire Triple Buster meal…great job!  I also added pineapple which is an extra .79 but well worth it and some bacon (.69) but the bacon ended up being forgotten, which is ok for this burger because everything else worked nicely.  I also added some very tasty grilled mushrooms which went nicely with the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.   My Triple Buster was complete and now let’s talk taste. Continue Reading