Asado Argentinian Burger Review

Ready to experience the secrets of Argentina AND eat one of the best burgers around? Time to visit Asado Argentinian Grill & Cafe. As soon you walk in to the restaurant you realize you’re about to experience a new culture. The atmosphere is welcoming, comfortable and warm. The staff is friendly, helpful and Argentinian. The tables are close together, the service is personal and you feel at home as soon as you sit down. After being handed a menu you’re ready to hunt down the burger menu which includes a Utah Bacon Burger (burguer), Ausie Asado Burger (burguer), Feta Burger (burguer), or the Asado Burger (burguer). Continue Reading

Royal Red Robin Burger Review

ReRoyal Red Robin Burgerd Robin is famous because they make very unique and special burgers.  Their Ultimate burger has to be the Royal Red Robin burger and guess what, it’s time for the official review.  The best thing about the Royal Red Robin burger is the fried egg on top.  In fact, I’d venture to say that adding a fried egg to any burger will make it better.  Priced at $8.99 this is a pretty good sized burger that has to be wrapped tightly by the cooks for make it presentable because as soon as you undo the wrapping (think Christmas time everyone) this burger bursts out at you and is messy ’til the end. Continue Reading