Salt City Burger Company – Bacon Burger

If you like bacon and burgers than the Salt City Burger Co.’s Bacon Burger just might be up your alley.  The unique aspect that Salt City Burger Company brings to this bacon burger is the ground in bacon vs. the bacon strips on top that is typical of any bacon burger.  The thing I liked most about this burger was the hint of bacon rather than the “in-your-face” bacon.  The meat quality was fantastic and it took less than 5 minutes from ordering to having my fresh fries and burger….and this is a sit down restaurant….at lunch time! Continue Reading

Chadder’s Stubby Double Review – American Fork – Utah

Do you like In&Out Burger whenever you go to California?  Of course you do!  Well this is about as close as you will get without actually eating at In&Out.  In fact, I’d venture to say the burger is better and the fries are pretty close (but are not the same).  The Chadders in American Fork, Utah is on busy corner that makes it easy to get to and easy to enjoy.  The food is made fresh when you order and the atmosphere is classic Drive-In. Continue Reading

Parkers Drive-In Double Burger and Fries is Average

Parker’s Drive-In located in on State St. in American Fork has been around since 1953.  Famous for their ice cream and sundaes, Parker’s also offers a Jumbo Cheeseburger or Jumbo Hamburger and thick, fresh french fries that go well with their refined fry sauce.  I went with the Jumbo Burger to make sure I gave my first trip to Parker’s Drive-In a strong effort and it was a huge meal.  I was the only one in the place so everything was fresh and I watched them make everything.  The burger was Average at best and it’s because of the meat.  They skimped on the meat quality so rather than having a juicy, fresh tasting burger it was a dry, low quality burger.  The toppings were fresh, the bun was good but the core of the burger, the meat, was lacking. Continue Reading

Rumbi Grill has a Kahuna Burger and it is Delicious

Rumbi Grill Kahuna Burger with Rumbi FriesMy first ever trip to Rumbi Grill resulted in my exposure to a surprisingly refreshing Kahuna Burger.  This burger was wonderfully delicious!  With two beef patties marinated with a teriyaki sauce, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple and the addition of really fresh lettuce and a slice of tomato.  The bun is also slightly toasted on the inside and “stretchy” on the outside so it lasts all the way to the end of the meal.  The Kahuna burger also tasted heathier than any other burger I’ve had.  The beef patties weren’t dripping with grease, in fact I don’t think there were any grease drippings. Continue Reading

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