Blue Bacon Burger at Provo’s Communal

Communal's Blue Bacon Burger ExperienceCommunal is a new restaurant in the heart of Provo, Utah right next to the Wells Fargo building.  It’s run by the same folks that created Pizzeria 712 in Orem (apparently 712 degrees is the perfect temperature for cooking pizza).  When I found out that Communal has a lunch menu and that one of the items is a burger and fries, I bumped it to the top of the list and just had to check it out.  With expectations soaring, I did it. Continue Reading

Mountain Hamburger at Rocky Mountain Drive Inn Provo

Rocky Moutain Drive Inn ReviewRocky Mountain Drive Inn has seen a lot of burger history in Provo.  As soon as you pull up you realize that this place has serious potential and character.  When you walk in, you smell the smells of a burger place and see the locals at their best.  Aside from the excessive use of sweatpants by the patrons, the Rocky Mountain burger was on today’s menu. Continue Reading

Sammy’s Cafe in Provo Utah – COWabunga Pastrami Burger

Sammy's Cafe COWabunga Pastrami Burger MealSammy’s Cafe is located just off of Center Street in BYU’s Provo Utah at 27N 100W.  Parking in front of Sammy’s during the lunch time hour was surprisingly easy and although the service was mediocre the experience was fantastic.  I always find it funny when the manager on duty is the least personable of the two employees and the least interested in customers.  People aside, Sammy’s is a great atmosphere is perfect with seating around the outside of the cafe and right in front of the counter where they add toppings.  There is also some comfortable outside seating right on the sidewalk. Continue Reading

Chef’s Table in Orem Now Offers a Lunch Avacado Bacon Burger

If you enjoy fancy meals and live anywhere near Orem then you’ve probably been to Chef’s Table.  But did you realize that Chef’s Table now offers an Avacado and Bacon Hamburger on their lunch menu.  Priced at roughly $12 and served with some pretty good fries this is a good quality burger.  I tried this first experience without any ketchup or mustard and had it cooked medium/well.  For future reference I’ll say that I recommend adding ketchup and mustard as well as cooking it pure medium because the /well aspect of the meat dried it out a little.  Special Note: I take full responsibility for the medium/well request. Continue Reading

Little Acorn Deluxe Burger Combo is Pleasant Grove’s secret

With their delicious homemade bread, Little Acorn is a personal favorite of mine.  It’s not a traditional burger place and even their Deluxe Burger Combo isn’t like anyone elses.  Served on top of your french fries the Deluxe Burger (please request the homemade bread whenever you order from Little Acorn) is good.  Little Acorn isn’t known for the quantity of meat or even the quality of the meat, they are known for the delicious bread that it comes in.  I’ve also really grown to appreciate the quiet atmosphere and made to order style of Little Acorn in Pleasant Grove. Continue Reading

Google’s Kobe Cheeseburger at the Googleplex

With Google dominating the search engine landscape and becoming the solution for everything from email (gmail) to phone operating systems (Android) I figured that my latest visit to the Googleplex should include the Google Kobe Cheeseburger.  The order process at the Google cafeteria is simple, write your order and give it to the chef who will then yell your name and put the burger on your plate.  Whenever I see the word Kobe next to the word cheeseburger I get excited and the Google cheeseburger was no exception. Continue Reading

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