RUMRZ South Jordan Burger Review

RUMRZ bacon avocado burgerRUMRZ is in South Jordan’s District area and has the UFC logo on it’s outside window so if you’re wondering if it’s cool or not, the answer is an absolute and obvious yes.  With tough metal tables and big screen televisions all over the walls RUMRZ is ready to party but how are their burgers?  Today it was time to try their Avocado Bacon burger with  regular fries and a Dr. Pepper.  First off, the service was fantastic….I’m just saying. Continue Reading

Celestial Burger Experience at Lucky 13 in SLC

Lucky 13 is a great little place on 1300 South in Salt Lake City right by the Spring Mobile baseball park.  The parking is limited and the building is low-key but that combination adds to the overall essence that is Lucky 13.  Famous for a few different burgers, this is the type of place you could spend hours in and feel fine doing it.  The lunch crowd and dinner crowd are apparently two very different groups (one being sober) so prepare accordingly but no matter what, you’ll love the burgers. Continue Reading

Sean’s Smokehouse Cheeseburger Review

Sean’s Smokehouse BBQ in Saratoga Springs, Utah is a 5-month old BBQ restaurant with a growing fan base.  Sean (pronounced “seen”) is a lover of all things BBQ and after getting into competitions a few years ago, and doing quite well, he decided it was time for a restaurant and Sean’s Smokehouse was born.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with tables and chairs all made by Sean himself.  The smells are glorious and although the lines can be sometimes long, it was time for to try the Sean’s Smokehouse cheeseburger. Continue Reading

One Man Band All-American Bacon Cheeseburger

One Man Band is an all-american diner with “one man” doing all the cooking, order taking, checkout and everything in between.  Their most popular burger is the All-American so we gave it a try and here’s our One Man Band All-American burger review.  The surprising thing about today’s burger adventure was that it wasn’t one man.  We quickly noticed a lady helping clean up the tables, dishes and offering occasional refills.  I’m not usually against good service but it did take a little bit away from the notion that this was a One Man Band.  The burger menu covered blue cheese burgers to swiss, cheddar burgers on rye to Hawaiian burgers and everything in between but still, I can see why the All-American was the most popular.  We’ll call her “old reliable”. Continue Reading

Joe’s Ultimate Burger at Joe’s Cafe in Orem

JJoe's Cafe Ultimate Burgeroe’s Café in Orem, Utah is a fantastic burger gem near the corner of State Street and University Parkway.  Located on the west side of the street, you’ll see the orange sign with a simple Joe’s Café sign.  That’s the only plain part of the Joe’s Burger experience.  What’s the best part of Joe’s Café?  Joe himself. Continue Reading

Hires Big H Double Burger Review

Hires Big H iHires Big H Cheeseburgers an interesting place and full of history (a Salt Lake City original since 1959) and you feel it as soon as you walk in.  The cooking of each burger happens behind the scenes and it’s a restaurant full of tables and “older” people that have obviously chosen Hires for nostalgic reasons and less because of quality.  All of the Hires Big H burgers focus on being Big H burgers including the Canadian H, Mushroom H and many others.  I went with the traditional Double Big H Cheeseburger with fries (although their onion rings are highly recommended).  Heres the Hires Big H review: Continue Reading

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