Culver’s Utah Butterburger Review

Culver's Utah Burger MealCulver’s is now a Utah burger option which is always exciting to announce.  Culver’s opened up in Midvale near Winco a few weeks ago and is already rolling.  With it’s trademark blue and white signage and a full parking lot, I was excited to see that Culver’s is being welcomed with open arms. Now for the Culver’s review. Continue Reading

Steak n Shake Double Cheeseburger

Steak n Shake RestaurantSteak n Shake was a pleasant surprise.  After a short walk past empty restaurant parking lots I came across a packed and busy Steak n Shake restaurant and was ready for a new burger adventure.  I walked in and saw happy families, groups of friends and couples all enjoying large glasses of shakes and/or devouring what appeared to be very tasty burgers. Continue Reading

White Castle Sliders, Cheeseburgers and Fries

White Castle BurgersI am no longer a White Castle virgin.  That’s right, it happened.  Last night I experienced my first White Castle slider, White Castle cheeseburger, White Castle A1 slider, White Castle bacon cheeseburger and White Castle fries.  In other words, I got my White Castle on.  I immediately had a combination of interesting scenes go through my mind including a little Harold and Kumar mixed with the White Castle Under Cover Boss episode I watched recently, both very different yet intriguing.  With that said, my first White Castle experience was fantastic. Continue Reading

Serving Time Cafe Prison Cheeseburger

The Serving Time Cafe is located at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah and was most recently known as Hard Times Cafe (thanks to trademark issues the name is changed).  Pulling in to the Utah State Prison parking lot is always a good time and I’ll admit the first time there I was a little anxious to make it to the right place….it is a prison.  Luckily all signs point to the Serving Time Cafe which is located in one of the front trailers.  There are a few outside tables for seating with another 15-20 seats inside.  The place is run by inmates who have obviously worked hard for permission to work in the Cafe and you can feel their passion for food and freedom as soon as you walk in.  The staff looks experienced and ready to serve and other than the trailer you’re eating in and the fact that you’re at the prison, the food is delicious. Continue Reading

I Love Burgers Las Vegas Burger Review

I know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas but I Love Burgers is something that has to be shared.  Located inside the Palazzo shopping area, I Love Burgers is a burger lovers paradise.  The name got me interested but walking up to the actual restaurant got me excited.  Open layout full of burgers and fries, a bar that goes all around the outside edges and a burger menu to die for.  From the Standard Burger to I Love Bacon burger to the Oregon Trail burger, I Love Burgers truly has a a little bit of everything burger. Continue Reading

Denny’s Bacon SlamBurger

Denny's Bacon SlamBurgerThat’s right, Denny’s.  In an effort to try as many burger varieties as possible it was time to try a Denny’s burger.  I’ll admit I was skeptical going in but after looking at the menu and talking to the energetic Denny’s server it was decided that the new Denny’s Bacon SlamBurger was today’s burger of choice.  To think of anything except breakfast while at Denny’s was interesting but the menu made their burgers look amazing but I was still worried…until the mighty SlamBurger arrived. Continue Reading

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