The Drifter Burger at Shark Bite Cafe in Oregon

Shark Bites Cafe BurgerShark Bites Café in Coos Bay, Oregon shares a building with Waxers surf shop which means it’s not only a good place to eat but it’s cool.  Oregon cool means it’s comfortable, welcoming, great service and genuinely local food.  From their Halibut burgers to their slaw tacos, even the locals talk about Shark Bites.  The driftwood décor with burlap sacks on one wall, surf boards on the other and good music playing throughout was immediately welcoming and the food backed up all of my hopes for a great lunch. Continue Reading

Slider’s Gourmet

Slider's Gourmet SliderSlider’s Gourmet in Lehi, Utah (by Highland) is exactly what the name suggests, a gourmet take on the slider.  With a fun sign and plenty of seating, it’s probably a good place for a work lunch or casual sit down but just because it’s a slider don’t expect it to be any less expensive than your typical sit down burger place.  Just know you’ll need 2-3 sliders to fill your stomach.  Just so you know, I’m not a big fan of sliders because they are mini-burgers and I already prefer maximum-burgers but Slider’s Gourmet still gets a nod so here we go. Continue Reading

Why I Love Chubby’s Burgers

Chubby's Utah Burger with BaconChubby’s is quickly becoming my favorite burger place.  I’ve got my frequent diner club card that I’ll occasionally remember to bring with me, I’ve got my usual sitting spot (by the windows) and I’m pretty sure I need 4.5 small cups of fry sauce to last through my meal.  But the real reason I love Chubby’s burgers is because it’s the right combination of hole-in-the-wall, quality and delicious.  Just the thought of Chubby’s makes my mouth water for their beer battered fries.  Let me share with you my favorites from Chubby’s (in Pleasant Grove, Utah on State Street – by Macey’s). Continue Reading

Iowa 80 – Worlds Largest Truckstop….Burger

Iowa 80 CB BurgerOn a recent trip to Iowa we passed the World’s Largest Truckstop known as Iowa 80.  It was a site to see with all those semi-trucks parked, fueling and realizing that they weren’t even close to capacity.  Immediately I figured, if I was a delicious burger where would I be?  Well the World’s Largest Truckstop of course.  We hit the Iowa 80 Cafe with high expectations and with all the trucker folks sitting at various tables having trucker talk I was anxious to eat what I though would be a deliciously amazing burger.  The menu offered a variety of cleverly named burgers and the C.B. Burger was the burger of choice. Continue Reading

Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Austin, Texas

If you were in Austin and it was your last burger ever where would you go?  That was the question I asked my Austin native food guide today and the answer was Hopdoddy’s. Hopdoddy in Austin, TX is a beer and burger bar focused on local and quality.  When you go to a place on a Tuesday evening and the line is out the door your excitement level can have a tendency to go up a few notches and thus was the case with the Hopdoddy burger experience.  I’m happy to report that as soon as I saw the Hopdoddy menu I knew this would be special. Continue Reading

Firehouse Burger in Springville is darn good!

firehouse burger fireman at the front counterToday we ventured to Springville, UT to experience Firehouse Burger in all its glory.  I’ve been hearing good things about Firehouse Burger and with its location where the old BrandX (of local fame) once stood it had big shoes to fill.  I’m happy to report that Firehouse Burger is better than BrandX ever was and hopefully you’ll get a chance to check it out in the near future.  Upon opening the front door I was overwhelmed with the smell and smoke of a good burger drive-in and the hand written specials including the “Most Popular” Red Devil burger and the “Yummy” Ladder 41 burger my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what might be created by this place.  I ordered the the Ladder 41 because the word yummy appeals to my inner soul more so than Red Devil. Continue Reading

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