Denny’s Bacon SlamBurger

Denny's Bacon SlamBurgerThat’s right, Denny’s.  In an effort to try as many burger varieties as possible it was time to try a Denny’s burger.  I’ll admit I was skeptical going in but after looking at the menu and talking to the energetic Denny’s server it was decided that the new Denny’s Bacon SlamBurger was today’s burger of choice.  To think of anything except breakfast while at Denny’s was interesting but the menu made their burgers look amazing but I was still worried…until the mighty SlamBurger arrived. Continue Reading

Malt Shoppe Bacon Supreme Burger in Provo Utah

malt shoppe bacon supreme burgerToday’s burger was from the 50s style diner called the Malt Shoppe in Provo.  It might even be safe to say that the Malt Shoppe hasn’t changed anything about itself in the last few decades but I don’t want to digress to much from the burger I ate.  I ordered the Malt Shoppe’s Bacon Supreme Burger Combo which included a Bacon Supreme Burger, a one patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles and bacon burger with large fries and a drink.  The picture displayed on the menu and the burger itself were pretty much the same thing so that’s a quick plus in my book.  As for the service, it was very “casual” or “not service oriented”.  Again, perhaps I digress. Continue Reading

Salt City Burger Company – Bacon Burger

If you like bacon and burgers than the Salt City Burger Co.’s Bacon Burger just might be up your alley.  The unique aspect that Salt City Burger Company brings to this bacon burger is the ground in bacon vs. the bacon strips on top that is typical of any bacon burger.  The thing I liked most about this burger was the hint of bacon rather than the “in-your-face” bacon.  The meat quality was fantastic and it took less than 5 minutes from ordering to having my fresh fries and burger….and this is a sit down restaurant….at lunch time! Continue Reading