Steak n Shake Double Cheeseburger

Steak n Shake Restaurant

Steak n Shake RestaurantSteak n Shake was a pleasant surprise.  After a short walk past empty restaurant parking lots I came across a packed and busy Steak n Shake restaurant and was ready for a new burger adventure.  I walked in and saw happy families, groups of friends and couples all enjoying large glasses of shakes and/or devouring what appeared to be very tasty burgers.

steaknshake double cheeseburger

I was quickly seated and introduced to Steakburgers for the first time.  The diner inspired ice cream and burger shop is definitely fast food but was surprisingly similar to In-n-out burger.It had the same feel with happy, habitual customers and enthusiastic employees.  One big difference however was the ordering options which included plenty of toppings choices and some delicious looking and sounding shakes.  I went with the original double cheeseburger.  It comes plain and then you start adding your toppings.  I added lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, regular mustard, their fancy sauce and pickles.  I also went with a Mint Oreo shake….I mean, this place is called Steak n’ Shake so who am I to not eat a shake.


Double Cheeseburger InsidesThe Shake arrived first and I was all done with it when my burger was presented.  It had a very In-n-out look to it with a light, crispy bun and felt like the same size.  In fact, after one bite I knew exactly what my review was going to be.  A Steak n Shake double cheeseburger is a meatier, heartier In-n-out burger.  I enjoyed it and devoured it. The bun lasted for the whole burger and every bite was the same…that’s a big deal.  The fries however were skinny and not special at all.  I ate them all but more out of obligation than because they were good.  Overall, Steak n’ Shake was pretty good and for $3.99 the Original Double cheeseburger meal was a great dinner.  Meatier, heartier but not quite as fresh as an In-N-Out burger is the best I can do for an honest Steak n Shake review.


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