There IS an App for That, Sky Burger

Sky Burger Burger App

Sky Burger Burger AppWhat’s a burger blog without a reference to a burger app? Well it’s certainly not BurgerVoice! I figured it wasn’t complete without highlighting a gift to the AppStore entitled Sky Burger.  Obviously for children of any age, Sky Burger is the ultimate burger app loaded with tons of different kinds of inspirational burgers like the Max Burger (6 patties, 6 slices of cheese, 6 piles of lettuce and on and on), the Halitosis (loaded with onions), the PLT (pickle, lettuce and tomato) and many others.  Simply move the bottom of the bun back and forth across the screen and pick up the necessary ingredients as the fall down from the sky while earning tips for speed and quality.  Now I’ll admit it’s not a guide to the best burger places in any given city but come on, it’s an inspiring burger app that teaches the importance of limited toppings.

Maxburger by Sky BurgerFor example, the “Cruncher” may change your next barbecue plans.  Perhaps 6 layers of sliced onions, 6 layers of lettuce and two patties just hasn’t come up before.  Or maybe the “Buttercrunch” with it’s loads of lettuce, cheese and a single patty is the thing the neighborhood really needed to help with the late night party complaints?  All in all the Sky Burger app is inspirational, entertaining and free so if you love the world of burgers enough to read a burger blog then perhaps someone in your immediate circle of influence will enjoy Sky Burger.  Game on!


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