Shake Shack Green Chili Burger

Guess who was in Monticello, Utah for a day and tried out one of the only burger places in town, I did.  Shake Shack is a local favorite for delicious ice cream cones and cool shakes and they are now open year-round.  That’s right, they were a summer only establishment until just this year.  The Shakes are obviously what they are famous for but Shake Shake in Monticello, Utah (364 N. Main Street, Monticello UT 84535) also has quite the burger menu.  The burger that will jump out at you is their Shack Attack which is a nice little burger consisting of 8 patties, 8 slices of cheese and all the fixens.  It looks as good as it sounds…trust me.

I went with an apparent local favorite which is their Green Chili Burger.  Price at $7.49 for the combo (with fries and a drink) the burger wasn’t cheap but certainly had potential to be delicious.  What makes a green chili burger?  Why it’s the large green chili slices on top of your burger and the mozzarella cheese slice.  Sometimes a green chili cheeseburger will have a little kick added to it but the Shake Shack missed out on that opportunity.  The service was friendly, it’s a local favorite but the green chili burger itself was an overcooked patty, descent green chili slices and a mild portion of cheese to go with squishy fries and mediocre fry sauce.  Now here’s the good thing, the place was packed (mostly from our large group) but everyone agreed that it was “ok” but no one’s favorite.

Sadly we did have one guy try to handle the Shack Attack but that didn’t work out so well:)

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