Serving Time Cafe Prison Cheeseburger

The Serving Time Cafe is located at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah and was most recently known as Hard Times Cafe (thanks to trademark issues the name is changed).  Pulling in to the Utah State Prison parking lot is always a good time and I’ll admit the first time there I was a little anxious to make it to the right place….it is a prison.  Luckily all signs point to the Serving Time Cafe which is located in one of the front trailers.  There are a few outside tables for seating with another 15-20 seats inside.  The place is run by inmates who have obviously worked hard for permission to work in the Cafe and you can feel their passion for food and freedom as soon as you walk in.  The staff looks experienced and ready to serve and other than the trailer you’re eating in and the fact that you’re at the prison, the food is delicious.

Of course, as this is the first burger review trip to Serving Time Cafe I had to have the cheeseburger.  The burger menu offers burgers in the $2.49 – $4.49 range with a number of traditional options like bacon, double, cheese and the big daddy of them all known as The Captain.  The cheeseburger was really quite good.  The beef is from a pre-cut patty but it was cooked to perfection and plenty thick.  The additional toppings including nicely sliced onions, a fresh pickle slice, tomato and lettuce were all fresh and crispy and the bun was lightly toasted with a touch of butter and worked really well with the whole burger ensemble.  In a nutshell, the Serving Time Cafe cheeseburger was pretty darn good and priced right.

Serving Time Cafe DraperI went with a side of french fries and loved the touch of bbq flavor, probably from the other items on the menu being cooked in the same cooking oil.  I was presented with a generous serving of fries and was a happy and full lunch goer when I finished.  The meal only took about 5 minutes to be made and everyone I saw, including some of the officers there for lunch, looked satisfied and happy to be there.  For the experience and  good lunch, Serving Time Cafe should be on your list for a pleasant burger experience.  Tomorrow I’ll try The Captain!

Open Monday – Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Serving Time Cafe (formerly Hard Times Cafe)
14072 S Pony Express Road
Draper, UT 84020

(801) 576-7712

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  1. They do sell t-shirts, hats and little license plates now. hats are $12, t shirts are $10 and license plates are $5.

  2. The serving time cafe has some awsome food. It’s made fresh and to perfection. I recommend that everyone eat’s there at least once. The customer service is great as well, I know because I use to work there.

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