Sammy’s Cafe in Provo Utah – COWabunga Pastrami Burger

Sammy's Cafe COWabunga Pastrami Burger MealSammy’s Cafe is located just off of Center Street in BYU’s Provo Utah at 27N 100W.  Parking in front of Sammy’s during the lunch time hour was surprisingly easy and although the service was mediocre the experience was fantastic.  I always find it funny when the manager on duty is the least personable of the two employees and the least interested in customers.  People aside, Sammy’s is a great atmosphere is perfect with seating around the outside of the cafe and right in front of the counter where they add toppings.  There is also some comfortable outside seating right on the sidewalk.

The decore is Polaroid pictures meet cool.  If they have a polaroid camera and film then you can get your picture, no need to eat a special burger or devour a special shake, just ask.  The wall has local Utah celebrities, smiling college students and funny faces as well as art from a local artist who’s work is available at

The lunchtime menu today included a special for $6.99 which included any burger, drink and fries.  I chose their COWabunga burger (Pastrami burger), Mountain Dew and their regular seasoned fries.  It took about 10 minutes from ordering to having our burger ready for toppings.  The cook brought the burger out and then asked me for toppings to add.  Tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard.  The burger itself was a 1/4 pound patty with a slice of pastrami on top, wonderful provalone cheese, sauteed onions and my choice of toppings.  I could have handled a little better meat quality but the overall burger was a great blend of flavors and the pastrami with provalone was a match made in heaven.

sammy outsideThe Sammy’s Cafe fries are fantastic.  Their house seasoned fries are thick, crispy on the outside and hold the heat well.  Their fry sauce is way too heavy on the mayo and nothing to get excited about but with some ketchup, the french fries were delicious.  They also offer Sweet Potato fries at no additional cost which are great.

The meal was served on a cheap plate with plastic cups for the drink and overall I loved the entire experience.  It felt like a great place to hang out, enjoy a burger and fries and maybe even a shake (rumor has it their shakes are really good.  It was a great combination of good food, fun atmosphere and attention to experience.  If you are in Provo and need a good burger that’s not the same as the other guys, Sammy’s Cafe is a great choice.  Total meal is right around $7.50.


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