Salt City Burger Company – Bacon Burger

Salt City Burger Company Bacon Burger
Salt City Burger Company Bacon Burger
Salt City Burger Company Bacon Burger

If you like bacon and burgers than the Salt City Burger Co.’s Bacon Burger just might be up your alley.  The unique aspect that Salt City Burger Company brings to this bacon burger is the ground in bacon vs. the bacon strips on top that is typical of any bacon burger.  The thing I liked most about this burger was the hint of bacon rather than the “in-your-face” bacon.  The meat quality was fantastic and it took less than 5 minutes from ordering to having my fresh fries and burger….and this is a sit down restaurant….at lunch time!

The fries were also delicious and not too greasy.  They have a great assortment of fries to choose from and the whole atmosphere is very welcoming of a burger lover.  Their fry sauce was fantastic (and apparently it’s something they make themselves).  The place was packed and every one was smiling.  The service was top notch and although I could have used one more refill, I still give them high grades for service, quality and experience.

Similar to Fuddruckers, you get to put your own toppings on the burger which means you get to really see the meat that’s being served (another bonus for quality meat burgers).  All the toppings were fresh and the serving area was very clean.  Overall the Salt City Burger Co. is officially on my list of places to recommend as a great sit down burger restaurant.

Here’s a copy of the Salt City Burger Company Menu

Salt City Burger Co. is located in Sandy, Utah [mappress]

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