RUMRZ South Jordan Burger Review

RUMRZ bacon avocado burger

RUMRZ bacon avocado burgerRUMRZ is in South Jordan’s District area and has the UFC logo on it’s outside window so if you’re wondering if it’s cool or not, the answer is an absolute and obvious yes.  With tough metal tables and big screen televisions all over the walls RUMRZ is ready to party but how are their burgers?  Today it was time to try their Avocado Bacon burger with  regular fries and a Dr. Pepper.  First off, the service was fantastic….I’m just saying.

The RUMRZ (pronounced rumors) burgers are served on flour buns that look amazing and get you excited to partake.   The first thing I noticed though was the patty.  It was tiny.  In fact, it was the only thing I wasn’t thrilled with on the overall delicious burger.  The bun was as good as it looked, the bacon was crispy and thick, the avocado was sporadic but wonderful and all the toppings were fresh but the beef patty was so tiny.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the bacon I’d venture to say that the burger would have tasted more like a sandwich.

The RUMRZ fries on the other hand were near perfection.  I could have eaten those for the rest of the day.  I went with the regular fries even though they have spicy and garlic options and these fries were almost as good as Chubby’s beer battered fries.  The fry sauce was served in a plastic container and although I always prefer an unlimited supply of fry sauce I’m sure I could have asked for more without a problem.

RUMRZ South Jordan UtahOverall I can recommend RUMRZ for their fries, the atmosphere and the burger was pretty darn good too….just pay for a double patty if you want it to be more of a burger tasting burger.  The people were great, the mood was fun and the service was fantastic and fast.  The meal (with a $1.99 soft drink) was $11.00 but boy-o-boy those fries were amazing!

RUMRZ Cafe & Grill
11565 S District Dr. Suite 100
South Jordan
, Utah 84095

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  1. Rumrz burgers are great and the fries all 7 kinds are amazing with homemade fry sauce.

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