Rumbi Grill has a Kahuna Burger and it is Delicious

Rumbi Grill Kahuna Burger with Rumbi Fries

Rumbi Grill Kahuna Burger with Rumbi FriesMy first ever trip to Rumbi Grill resulted in my exposure to a surprisingly refreshing Kahuna Burger.  This burger was wonderfully delicious!  With two beef patties marinated with a teriyaki sauce, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple and the addition of really fresh lettuce and a slice of tomato.  The bun is also slightly toasted on the inside and “stretchy” on the outside so it lasts all the way to the end of the meal.  The Kahuna burger also tasted heathier than any other burger I’ve had.  The beef patties weren’t dripping with grease, in fact I don’t think there were any grease drippings.

Rumbi Grill Service: The service at Rumbi Grill was also fantastic with friendly people, table delivered food, clean surroundings and a full crowd of beautiful people.

One thing that is “Rumbi Grill Special” would be the Rumbi fries.  I’m not typically a fan of sweet potato fries but the blend of regular fries and sweet potato criss-cut fries was delicious and even the Rumbi fries tasted healthy.  Now before you go off thinking I’m off my rocker in terms of calling any burger and fries combo healthy, I had lunch with a body builder friend of mine and he also mentioned the health aspect of all things Rumbi.  I know it made me feel better:)


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