Royal Red Robin Burger Review

Royal Red Robin Burger

ReRoyal Red Robin Burgerd Robin is famous because they make very unique and special burgers.  Their Ultimate burger has to be the Royal Red Robin burger and guess what, it’s time for the official review.  The best thing about the Royal Red Robin burger is the fried egg on top.  In fact, I’d venture to say that adding a fried egg to any burger will make it better.  Priced at $8.99 this is a pretty good sized burger that has to be wrapped tightly by the cooks for make it presentable because as soon as you undo the wrapping (think Christmas time everyone) this burger bursts out at you and is messy ’til the end.

The fried egg on the Royal Red Robin burger compliments the fresh toppings nicely and although the overall goodness of the burger is worth recommending it’s not a memorable burger by itself.  In fact, it’s a pretty average burger with nothing too unique or special other than saying you had it at Red Robin and it has an egg on it.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good burger…just not amazingly good.

The experience at Red Robin on the other hand is awesome.  From the moment you walk in, they make you feel comfortable and you can’t help but be loud and have fun.  On this trip I also added the onion rings and they are delicious.  The french fries are thick and tasty and their fry sauce is VERY unique.  It’s a combination of tangy and smokey and has an ability to keep you dipping without knowing if you love it or hate it.  You’ll definitely remember the fry sauce.


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  1. I tried this burger as well just last week. I felt about the same as you did. It was nothing to really write home about, and in fact I felt that the burger itself was a bit bland and the egg seemed to overpower a lot of it.
    Not related but two of the better burgers I have tried recently that you should check out if you havent: Applebees Quesedilla burger, and TGI Fridays Teriyaki Bacon Burger.

  2. I’m so disappointed that you don’t get the vip of fries on your Togo orders. I looked forward to munching on the way home.

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