Roy Burger Bar’s Big Ben Review

Big Ben Burger at Burger Bar in Roy

Big Ben Burger at Burger Bar in RoyWhenever a place is named Burger Bar you assume greatness.  That’s what Guy Fieri from Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives visited the Burger Bar in Roy, Utah a few years ago.  With a visit from Food Network and a name like Burger Bar it’s about time for BurgerVoice to head on over and see what all the fuss is about.  Known for the Big Ben burger (and ice cream), the Burger Bar in Roy is a classic drive-in with plenty of outdoor benches to sit and wait on while your order is being made behind the giant ordering windows.  Constant flows of people are well managed by the diner style employees with the diner hats and everything.  Everything you need to know is in big writing above the ordering windows and the prices are surprisingly reasonable, even after Food Network popularity.  Now for the burger review.

Roy Burger BarThe Big Ben is loaded with potential because you immediately think something special is going to be handed to you in the form of a giant burger, at least that’s what I thought.  The Big Ben can be ordered with as many beef patties as you’d like but the original is simply the Big Ben.  As for the substance that is Big Ben I’d say it’s a little underwhelming as a single patty so please, please go for at least a double if you’re there so the meat will match the bun and you’ll have a much better experience.  Everything is covered in a delicious fry sauce so be warned that if you aren’t in love with fry sauce your Big Ben experience may be tainted.  If you like dough, as in bread, then Burger Bar is the place for you.  The bun is delicious and at various times in my meal I wanted to rip off the bun and get some strawberry jam because it was that good.  As far as the overall burger goes, it’s a cool place to go because of the popularity but there are a lot of way better burgers in Utah.  It’s a good burger but not a great burger.

Burger Bar Fried MushroomsNow for the fries, fried mushrooms, onion rings and ice cream shakes which I normally don’t mention on this blog.  First the fries, they are pretty darn good and can be ordered old school for some extra “original skin” goodness.  The fried mushrooms are DELICIOUS!  The ice cream and flavor options are PHENOMENAL.  So why is Burger Bar so famous?  I’m pretty sure it’s not the burgers but after tasting some of the other offerings, go for the mushrooms and a shake and you’ll be glad you visited.

Burger Bar
5291 South 1900 West
Roy, UT 84067
(801) 825-8961


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  1. Back in 1978 I was stationed at Hill AFB and we use to eat at Giant Burger’s back then the single patty’s were as big as the bun and the bun was the biggest one that I have ever seen to this day. They put the burger on top of the fries and when you got home everything was still warm. And in the winter after work we would stop in get a couple of orders to go and by the time we arrived at Powder Mountain Ski Hill the food was gone, night skying, its the best.

  2. I could not fathom why they closed the Layton location, after such a short run and tear it down, only to build a worthless Starbucks in its place. I truly miss the double Ben and the Bison Burger I always stop and get one or the other when I’m in the area.

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