Ripple’s Drive-In Double Cheeseburger Provo

Ripple’s Drive-In is certainly a place that everyone in Provo does or should know about.  When you go to a drive-in (or even a drive inn) for a weekday lunch and there are “senior” beings as well as young families gathered around the picnic tables with smiles and satisfaction, you know you’ve found a place that has some history.  Pulling in got me excited but the rest of the Ripple’s experience was surprisingly impersonal.

First off, the ordering process required me to wait, wait and wait for the gentlemen at the order window to be ready followed by a standoffish paying experience.  I was expecting a hometown experience and was surprised at the lack of personality from the ordering process.  Within 5-10 minutes my Ripples burger, fries and single onion ring (for my reviewing pleasure) was ready.

ORipples Drive-In in Provo Utahverall, the Ripple’s Drive-In Double Cheeseburger got better with each bite.  Two patties squished with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and a Drive-In style bun stayed true to form, tasted better throughout the meal and was an adequately good Provo burger.  Remember, I was sitting at a wobbly picnic table so it wasn’t an amazing burger but it was a good burger.

The fries were ok but I’m not a fan as they lacked the crispy goodness I prefer.  Go with the onion rings (the one I had was delicious, especially when compared to the fries).  My guess is that this is similar to an Iceberg or other drive-in restaurant meaning the shakes are better than anything else.  Final Thought: Having had a cheeseburger at Ripple’s I don’t feel comfortable telling someone to go out of their way to eat there.  If you are in the area, it’s worth stopping for the Drive-In experience.


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  1. This place is awesome, their buggers and fries are amazing. It is one of those small places you dont want to have disappear.

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