Red Robin Tavern Double – Pig Out Style

Red Robin Pig Out Style Tavern Double

Red Robin Pig Out Style Tavern DoubleWell Red Robin, you’ve peaked my curiosity once again and this time it’s called the Tavern Double.  By itself, the Tavern Double is simply a Red Robin gourmet burger with two patties but then they went and added cool options like “Pig Out Style”, “Cry Baby Style” and “Fiery Ghost Style”.  When faced with tears, fire or a pig I’ll always side with pig so Pig Out Style Tavern Double from Red Robin is today’s burger for review.

I’ve always enjoyed the Red Robin atmosphere but have had such varying experiences based on location, time of day and general mood of the server that I was ready for anything.  First off, let me just clarify that Pig Out Style means bacon, bacon sauce and more bacon.  It’s pretty hard to screw up with that many bacon options and Red Robin nailed it.  It wasn’t a huge burger, it was a double with good and tasty bacon with a bacon aioli over the patties.  Fresh, tasty, bacony and priced under $10 with drink.  The bottomless fries are always a win as well.

Red Robin Tavern Double MealFor a final review, the Red Robin Tavern Double Pig Out Style was pretty good.  I’m not a huge fan of Red Robin fries but these steak fries were fine.  The burger wasn’t grossly filling but hit the spot and there was definitely bacon.  Overall a win for me, a win for Red Robin and of course a win for bacon.

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