President Obama visits Five Guys for a Cheeseburger

Everyone loves Five Guys
Everyone loves Five Guys
Everyone loves Five Guys

When the President of the United States plays basketball for exercise and eats at Five Guys, I feel pretty good about the country I live in.  In fact, when I found out about his latest visit to an area Five Guys for a Cheeseburger  with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and jalapeno peppers.  He also got 8 more burgers and 10 order of fries, which tells me he likes to spread the burger love around the White House.

I’d imagine there isn’t a Five Guys on the planet that isn’t busy at lunch time so could you imagine the mess of having the President show up, wait in line and order 9 burgers, 10 fries and how quickly there were piles of people waiting for a glimpse (thank you text messaging, cell phones and twitter)?  If you haven’t been to a Five Guys, please take note that I love it and so does President Barack Obama, so you should probably at least try a cheeseburger (but I’d skip the Jalapeno peppers).

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