Pago Burger at Pago in Salt Lake City

Pago Restaurant SLC

Pago Restaurant SLCPago is a great restaurant at 878 S. 900 E in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s amazing to see how many people they can fit in such a small area but what helped to make the Pago experience so special was sitting at the bar and talking with Chef Michael Richey as he makes what may be one of my new favorite gourmet burgers, the Pago Burger.   Apparently there’s even a Lamb Burger on the dinner menu sometimes so if you are in the area, a Pago stop is probably a smart move.

The Pago Burger itself is cooked with fresh Niman Ranch beef, caramelized onion, aioli and what can only be described at candy bacon on a freshly delicious bun with house made chips.  I really wish there were french fries as an option because Pago Burger and ChipsPago is the type of place that you know could make amazing fries but the chips sufficed for this trip.  After ordering it was a quick 5-10 minute wait for the food to be prepared and served in Pago style.

It’s a good looking burger my friends.  The bacon was so thick and shiny that I immediately broke  a piece to taste it and it was like candy bacon in the way the brown sugar took it to a whole new level.  The Niman Ranch beef was cooked medium rare and was complimented by the sweet, sweet bacon and aioli with shredded lettuce placed under the beef (bacon on top).  The bun looked and tasted the part as well and although there were no french fries I’m going to go ahead and say this was one of the best gourmet burgers I’ve ever had (let’s say this is the Communal burger of the Salt Lake area).

The chips which were the side for my burger are house made chips with a light, salty taste that were a nice addition to the meal if you like chips.   Overall the plate cost $10 for the burger and chips and if you get a drink (I did) you’ll be adding another $2.50 so beware.  Overall this burger knocked my socks off and I could go for that bacon anytime!  Thank you to Pago for surprising me with a Pago burger to remember.

Pago Restaurant
878 S. 900 E
Salt Lake City UT

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