Lucky 13 Ostrich Burger

Ostrich burger you ask?  That’s right, Ostrich.  And it was darn good.  It could have been the pepper cheese combination added to the Ostrich or the garlic fries on the side or the wonderfully toasted bun but I’ll sum it all up by saying the Ostrich burger was fantastic.  One of my favorite things about Lucky 13 is their Facebook …Continue >>>

Heart Attack Grill’s Quadruple Bypass Burger

Do you have a bucket list?  You know, a list of things you want to accomplish sometime in your lifetime?  BurgerVoice does and Heart Attack Grill was on that bucket list.  Originally started in Arizona, Heart Attack Grill is on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Right on the corner with a huge weigh scale in front so you can …Continue >>>

The Drifter Burger at Shark Bite Cafe in Oregon

Shark Bites Café in Coos Bay, Oregon shares a building with Waxers surf shop which means it’s not only a good place to eat but it’s cool.  Oregon cool means it’s comfortable, welcoming, great service and genuinely local food.  From their Halibut burgers to their slaw tacos, even the locals talk about Shark Bites.  The driftwood décor with burlap sacks …Continue >>>

Slider’s Gourmet

Slider’s Gourmet in Lehi, Utah (by Highland) is exactly what the name suggests, a gourmet take on the slider.  With a fun sign and plenty of seating, it’s probably a good place for a work lunch or casual sit down but just because it’s a slider don’t expect it to be any less expensive than your typical sit down burger place. …Continue >>>

Burger King St Patrick’s Day and Free French Fries

Burger King, St. Patrick’s Day and French Fries don’t always go together but this year they really do.  How you ask? Well to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Burger King is offering for Saturday & Sunday (March 17-18) free french fries and green dipping sauce (it’s like ketchup only green).  Spreading the luck of the Irish was quoted as a …Continue >>>

Why I Love Chubby’s Burgers

Chubby’s is quickly becoming my favorite burger place.  I’ve got my frequent diner club card that I’ll occasionally remember to bring with me, I’ve got my usual sitting spot (by the windows) and I’m pretty sure I need 4.5 small cups of fry sauce to last through my meal.  But the real reason I love Chubby’s burgers is because it’s …Continue >>>

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