Arctic Circle Double Cheeseburger (and Bacon)

Well it’s about time I officially review a Utah original. Arctic Circle was the first “what is that?” fast food experience I had when I arrived in Utah and where I first fell in love with fry sauce. Sweet, tangy, delicious fry sauce. In fact, many locals agree that besides the ice cream, Arctic Circle’s fry sauce is simply the …Continue >>>

My First Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets started in the 1980s as a place to escape a complicated world and experience uncomplicated goodness of Americana.  Johnny Rockets is filled with potential and just one visit to their site and you’ll sense the culture that they are trying to instill.  Now for the Johnny Rockets tagline of The Original Burger.  After sitting down our waitress was nice …Continue >>>

Red Robin Tavern Double – Pig Out Style

Well Red Robin, you’ve peaked my curiosity once again and this time it’s called the Tavern Double.  By itself, the Tavern Double is simply a Red Robin gourmet burger with two patties but then they went and added cool options like “Pig Out Style”, “Cry Baby Style” and “Fiery Ghost Style”.  When faced with tears, fire or a pig I’ll …Continue >>>

Classic McDonalds Commercials

It’s always fun to take a walk down memory lane and today we’d like to highlight some of great commercial moments offered by McDonalds over the years.  Feel free to share any favorites that we miss but here are some of the most touching, most entertaining and even just some of the oddest McDonalds commercials ever made. From Ronald McDonald …Continue >>>

The Nut Butter Burger

The Nut Butter Burger from Lucky 13 was an amazing combination of peanut buttery smoked bacon goodness with a juicy beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes and onions between a deliciously prepared hamburger bun of goodness. In other words, I had a great burger at Lucky 13 today and it was called The Nut Butter Burger. I’ve had a few peanut butter …Continue >>>

ParkStone Burger in Farmington

It’s always a fun time when traveling to a new area for a burger.  Today’s burger was the ParkStone Burger at Farmington, Utah’s ParkStone Wood Kitchen.  It smelled so smokey good upon entering ParkStone that I was excited just to breath the sweet hickory wood fumes all afternoon.  The good news is they stayed on my clothes so I was …Continue >>>

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