Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger

We all have goals of getting better at something, whether it’s pushing the limits of running, climbing, racing or sports, we all want to be better. In the world of burgers, it’s the same thing. Sometimes adding mushrooms or cheese or bacon or fried eggs just isn’t enough to take a burger to the next level. In some instances only …Continue >>>

BLD Burger

Well folks, I just had one of the best burgers of my burger eating life. It was amazing! I was in the Phoenix, Arizona area and hungry for some lunch when a co-worker recommended BLD (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Within a few minutes I was at BLD in Chandler and immediately spotted a potentially amazing burger opportunity known as the BLD …Continue >>>

Burger King French Fry Burger

Burger King took an opportunity to get super creative on us and have now introduced the official french fry burger and it’s on the value menu for a dollar. Remember that time you wanted fries and a burger but only had a dollar? Worry no more my friends, you can accomplish both for a buck. Here’s the our official french …Continue >>>

Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger at Wendy’s

It’s Wendy’s time. All the fuss about a new delicious burger from Wendy’s has driven me to head on over and experience the exciting and new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. The signs are everywhere, the commercials are going and they are putting on the full-court press to make sure the world knows they’ve got Pretzely Bacon Cheeseburger goodness to share. Let …Continue >>>

The Hillside Beach Home Burger in Manitoba Canada

In the middle of Canada is a city called Winnipeg which is home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Canadian Football League), the Winnipeg Jets (National Hockey League) and Lake Winnipeg (pure awesomeness). Today’s post is from earlier in the month when I was in Winnipeg and went to Hillside Beach for some rest and relaxation. One day for lunch it …Continue >>>

Blue Lemon’s Lime Citrus Cod Burger

Sometimes it’s important to expand your horizons and try something new. For a burger fan like myself that means trying a Lime Citrus Cod Burger, which was today’s experience at Blue Lemon. It was my first visit to the Blue Lemon in Highland, Utah which is a cool spot with fresh, flavorful menu options and a hip feel. Not originally …Continue >>>

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