Lucky 13 Celestial Burger

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City and grab a Celestial burger. Your day, week and month will all be better because of it. The combination of delicious sauce, world-changing bacon and perfectly gooey bread mixed with smokey fry sauce and a giant mug of Diet Coke (or whatever you want to drink) …Continue >>>

Burger King’s Black Bun Whopper for Halloween

The black bun Halloween Whopper is now available at Burger King and it’s pretty darn good. The in-store banners make it look like it’s going to be a bigger, meaner Whopper with a unique and amazing black bun but the reality is it’s the same old Whopper just with a chewy, black-dye infused bun on the outside. It’s served in …Continue >>>

KickN It Cafe Loaded Burger

Let’s say welcome to Lehi, Utah. Official home of the Loaded Burger. That’s right, there’s a new burger in town and it’s a big deal, as in it’s amazing! The Loaded Burger offered at the all new Kickin It Sports Grill on Lehi State Street (in an old bar in the old random area of Lehi State Street) is a …Continue >>>

Burger King Rodeo Burger

At the end of the day I’m just a regular burger lover. I don’t need a fancy super burger to make me happy, sometimes the dollar menu special works just fine and today was Burger King Rodeo Burger day. That’s right, I spent a buck on a Rodeo Burger today and had a glorious, sweet barbecue saucy time eating it …Continue >>>

GriDeli’s Big Nasty Burger

If you ever find yourself in the South Ogden area of Utah may I recommend visiting GriDeli’s Burgers and Subs. Their menu was loaded with options for burgers including the Maui, Fat Head, Jalapeno, Bleu Bacon and more. All of them are 1/3 lb. burgers with various additions and specialty items. So with so many options which one did I …Continue >>>

Bona Vita Italian BV Burger

Well the Lehi, Utah area has a new burger to try and it’s at an Italian food place. No joking here, Bona Vita Italian Bistro has a BV Burger on their menu and it’s a half-pound of Italian inspired deliciousness. Bona Vita is located by the outlets near Traverse Mountain so parking is easy, access is easy and the staff …Continue >>>

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