JCWs Cheeseburger and Fries Combo is Classic

One of my favorite burger places happens to be located just down from my office in American Fork, Utah.  JCWs is wonderfully delicious at every level.  The french fries are always perfectly cooked and are thick enough to handle fry sauce or ketchup and a great combination of crispy and soft.  Part of what makes JCWs so good is the …Continue >>>

Sonic is adding Value Meals – This is a recession!

I now know for sure that the economy is in trouble.  Much loved Sonic (home of the ketchup or mustard hamburger) is going to be adding Value Meals to help customers in this time of economic uncertainty.  The fact that  Forbes (where I always go to get the latest hamburger and fries news) reported this because of an in-store sales …Continue >>>

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