Rumbi Beach Burger Review – Rumbi Island Grill in American Fork, Utah

Rumbi Island Grill’s Beach Burger So this was my second trip to Rumbi Island Grill after a surprisingly tasty visit a few months ago to experience their Kahuna Burger.  The Beach Burger is a more traditional burger which includes: USDA choice ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and homemade thousand island dressing.  The dressing is a nice touch and …Continue >>>

The Fifth Third Pound Burger….seriously it’s that Big

Baseball Parks are known for great hot dogs, nachos and beer but their hamburgers aren’t talked about much because hamburgers take a special touch and don’t mass produce as easily as a hot dog.  While checking some sports news on Yahoo last night I came across the following burger insight and picture: A minor league baseball team in Michigan came …Continue >>>

McDonalds Big Mac Burger Review

So with all the burgers I’ve been eating lately (gladly of course) I decided today to try an old favorite, the McDonalds Big Mac.  I’ll admit, this used to be my favorite meal on earth, but since it’s been years since I’ve eaten anything at McDonalds that wasn’t on their Value Menu, I was really looking forward to having a …Continue >>>

Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers Review – Lehi Utah

Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers, Shakes and Hot Dogs is a new hamburger restaurant in Lehi, Utah.  Located on Lehi main street I had to make sure to visit this new burger joint.  I was very excited for this new place and have watched them build the building, install the benches, put up signs and then open the doors. …Continue >>>

Fuddruckers Elk Burger Review – Orem, Utah

As many burger loves know, Fuddruckers is pretty darn good.  It’s one of my favorite burger restaurants and the fries are delicious.  The meat quality is always good and the fact that the toppings are all self-serve, how can you go wrong.  This trip was to the Fuddruckers in Orem, Utah on University Avenue.  Their burger of the day was …Continue >>>

Arbys Hamburger Hoax

It’s Official…..Arby’s Burger is a hoax!  How can this be considered a burger?  No charbroiled goodness.  No beef patties. No Ketchup.  Arby’s Burger talk is a Burger Hoax!  You can even try this “RoastBurger” for free because they know it has to be free for burger lovers to consider it.

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