President Obama visits Five Guys for a Cheeseburger

When the President of the United States plays basketball for exercise and eats at Five Guys, I feel pretty good about the country I live in.  In fact, when I found out about his latest visit to an area Five Guys for a Cheeseburger  with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and jalapeno peppers.  He also got 8 more burgers and 10 order …Continue >>>

Burgers Supreme Pastrami Burger Meal in Provo Utah

Burger Supreme is a Provo burger restaurant with a rich history and continues to be one of the few authentic burger joints in Provo.  Located on University Avenue in Provo, the constant burger smoke pouring out of Burger Supreme nearly allows you to let your nose be your guide in locating it.  Today’s Burger Supreme meal was the Pastrami Burger …Continue >>>

Rubio’s All-American Burger Taco and Fish Taco Plate

Today was an interesting twist in my Burger Blog chronicles.  Rubio’s is pretty new to Utah and American Fork was somehow blessed with their presence.  I absolutly love their Fish Tacos but this is a Burger Blog not a fish taco site so here goes my review. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the idea of a taco …Continue >>>

Carl’s Jr. Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

I went to Carl’s Jr. today for a Big Hamburger and 99cents Chicken Sandwich (always good) and was asked if I’d like to donate $1 for Breast Cancer research.  I agreed and paid $3.13 for lunch today.  Once my food was ready I was handed a bag of burgers and a nice pink Thank You card.  On one side of …Continue >>>

Vice President Joe Biden at Ray’s Hell Burger

Whether or not you like the Vice President of the United States is your choice.  While I stay neutral on that subject I would like to say that I proudly support his eating habits.  Everyone is talking about his visit, with the President, to Ray’s Hell Burger in Virginia.  Thanks to the Huffington Post and YouTube, we even have video …Continue >>>

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