Iowa 80 – Worlds Largest Truckstop….Burger

On a recent trip to Iowa we passed the World’s Largest Truckstop known as Iowa 80.  It was a site to see with all those semi-trucks parked, fueling and realizing that they weren’t even close to capacity.  Immediately I figured, if I was a delicious burger where would I be?  Well the World’s Largest Truckstop of course.  We hit the …Continue >>>

There IS an App for That, Sky Burger

What’s a burger blog without a reference to a burger app? Well it’s certainly not BurgerVoice! I figured it wasn’t complete without highlighting a gift to the AppStore entitled Sky Burger.  Obviously for children of any age, Sky Burger is the ultimate burger app loaded with tons of different kinds of inspirational burgers like the Max Burger (6 patties, 6 …Continue >>>

Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Austin, Texas

If you were in Austin and it was your last burger ever where would you go?  That was the question I asked my Austin native food guide today and the answer was Hopdoddy’s. Hopdoddy in Austin, TX is a beer and burger bar focused on local and quality.  When you go to a place on a Tuesday evening and the …Continue >>>

Firehouse Burger in Springville is darn good!

Today we ventured to Springville, UT to experience Firehouse Burger in all its glory.  I’ve been hearing good things about Firehouse Burger and with its location where the old BrandX (of local fame) once stood it had big shoes to fill.  I’m happy to report that Firehouse Burger is better than BrandX ever was and hopefully you’ll get a chance …Continue >>>

Culver’s Utah Butterburger Review

Culver’s is now a Utah burger option which is always exciting to announce.  Culver’s opened up in Midvale near Winco a few weeks ago and is already rolling.  With it’s trademark blue and white signage and a full parking lot, I was excited to see that Culver’s is being welcomed with open arms. Now for the Culver’s review. Famous for …Continue >>>

Lehi Bakery Donut Burger

I went to the Lehi Bakery today (on historic Lehi Main Street) and was glistened with the scents of amazing donut masterpieces as I opened the front door.  As I gazed at the wall of donut trays and the beauty that was baked pastry goodness I was startled to see a burger staring back at me.  Two burgers to be …Continue >>>

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