The Nut Butter Burger

Lucky 13 Nut Butter Peanut Butter Burger

Lucky 13 Nut Butter Peanut Butter BurgerThe Nut Butter Burger from Lucky 13 was an amazing combination of peanut buttery smoked bacon goodness with a juicy beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes and onions between a deliciously prepared hamburger bun of goodness. In other words, I had a great burger at Lucky 13 today and it was called The Nut Butter Burger.

I’ve had a few peanut butter burger offerings around the country and this peanut butter burger has been the best.. With a layer of deliciously gooey peanut butter over Lucky 13 smoked bacon and medium-well cooked chuck beef your taste buds will be happy, intrigued and asking for more after the first bite. Warning: if you don’t like peanut butter you won’t like the Nut Butter Burger.

The Nut Butter Burger at Lucky 13 in Salt Lake CityI went with the original fries and a giant mug of Coca-Cola which brought the whole meal together. I’ve yet to leave Lucky 13 hungry and each of their burgers has been unique, tasty and worth their price and I’m happy to report that The Nut Butter Burger is right there..

In case you haven’t heard, Lucky 13 is home to a very prestigious award. The recently won the title of World’s Best Burger award in Las Vegas at the World Burger Championships. When you go to Lucky 13 you’ll immediately feel welcome and be in very good company. Bring your ID because it is a bar.

Lucky 13
135 West 1300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

3 Comments on The Nut Butter Burger

  1. You went to Lucky 13 and ordered the original fries? Sin….

  2. After having their garlic rosemary fries with the last few burgers I figured it was time to be reminded of how good even their “regular” fries were. I’m sorry:)

  3. At first the idea of peanut butter coupled with beef, bacon, and cheese sounded a bit bizarre but I’ve not been disappointed at Lucky 13 yet so I went for it.
    Excellent burger!
    I now think peanut butter belongs at the picnic table next to the ketchup and mustard.
    If you go to Lucky 13, get the jalapeño poppers. Amazing.

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