McDonalds McDouble vs. Burger King Buck Double

McDouble vs Buck Double

TMcDouble vs Buck Doubleoday’s journey included two stops at very popular restaurants, Burger King and McDonalds.  Burger King has had a recent initiative to go full-blast against McDonalds including their breakfast sandwich and the $1 Buck Double burger.  The target of the Buck Double is the $1 McDouble which recently replaced the Double Cheeseburger on the Value Menu.  Today I decided to do an official side by side comparison and here are the results.

As far as packaging and initial impressions go, they are even.  Both are made quickly and both are packaged nicely with everything contained in the burger.  After the unwrapping, the Buck Double jumped out as a good looking burger.  The sesame seed bun and overall girth of the Buck Double made it look way better than the cheap looking McDouble.   But come on, for $1 it doesn’t have to look especially nice, it has to taste good.

BFirst Bite of McDouble and Buck Doubleite One:  Winner – McDouble
The first bite winner is McDonalds’ McDouble.  It’s a burger that blends together nicely and doesn’t require much work to chew and swallow, meaning it is a burger made to be devoured quickly.  The first bite of the Buck Double was bun and meat, a lot of meat and no toppings.  Sadly, it was too much meat for the first bite.

Bite Two: Winner – Buck Double
From the second bite to the finish the Buck Double took over from a taste perspective.  The meat was delicious with the mustard, pickles, ketchup all tasting like much higher quality ingredients than the McDouble.  The Buck Double also kept it’s heat longer so by the end it was still warm and the McDouble was cold (I even bought the Buck Double first).  The pickles were thicker and fresher, the mustard was delicious with the charbroiled burger patties and the sesame seed bun was enough to make me feel like I was eating a higher quality burger.

OInside the McDouble and Buck Doubleverall Winner:  Buck Double
I’m a fan of McDonalds and will still buy my fair share of McDouble’s but the overall winner for the Buck Double vs. McDouble comparison has to be Burger King’s Buck Double.  It was meatier (like the commercials claim), it was tastier and it was just a better double burger for a buck.

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  1. Bubba buys Buck Doubles hands down. For $18, I get enough burgers for all of her kids and still have money left to take Sally Lou to the dollar movie, as long as she don’t want no popcorn.

  2. The Buck Double is gone! BOO! Replaced by the Single Stacker (only one patty.) You want two patties, you gotta spring for the Double Cheeseburger.

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