McDonalds Introduces Angus Burgers Nationwide

The New Angus Burger Options at McDonalds

Well, it’s official, McDonalds is stepping up their meat offering and starting this month it’s Angus Burger time at McDonalds.  I don’t know what to think about this because I know why I go to McDonalds and it’s not for the sit down experience, it’s the understood expectations of low price with consistent taste with quality typically being lower than a sit down place.

McDonalds Offers 3 New Angus Burgers
McDonalds Offers 3 New Angus Burgers

In their press release and some of the follow up articles (my favorite is here) McDonalds spokes persons are suggesting that the fast-casual dining experience offered by Five Guys and others typically costs much more than the $4-$5 Angus burger offerings being rolled out by McDonalds.  I’ve never considered McDonalds in the same league as Five Guys (or visa versa) but maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what McDonalds Angus Burgers really mean.

Here’s the breakdown:

Deluxe with Pickles & Tomatoes
Bacon and Cheddar
Mushroom and Swiss

If I want a good burger like a Bacon and Cheddar or a Mushroom and Swiss, I currently think of Carls Jr. but maybe these new offerings will change my mind.  Goodbye Six Dollar Burger and hello Four Dollar Burger?  Only time will tell.

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  1. I had the Mushroom and Swiss today. It was good except for the sauce. It seems to be a sour-creamie Swiss-cheese sauce meant to appear as though the Swiss Cheese was melted. My vote – put more Swiss , really melt it and leave the sauce off.

  2. well, MCD is not the first to offer it for 4$
    backyard burgers has it for 3.99 in dallas.

    looks like the burger franchises are all going to up the ante. several new comers are rushing in ( eg smashburgers , 5 men and a burger) etc while the existing ones are also offering deluxe burgers.. let the price/value for money war begin !

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