McDonalds Deluxe Angus Burger Review

McDonalds Deluxe Angus Burger Meal
McDonalds Deluxe Angus Burger Meal
McDonalds Deluxe Angus Burger Meal

Well, I finally had my first McDonalds Angus Burger and it was the Deluxe Burger Meal.  I had high hopes for this new burger menu at McDonalds but I found myself disappointed and not excited to try the others.  Here’s the deal, I think McDonalds has great intentions but lacks the ability to deliver because of their training, employees and culture.  The burger wasn’t prepared with care and the ingredients, although fresh, were a mixture of great and “classic McDonalds” which made it hard to justify 4xing the price of a McDouble or Double Cheeseburger.

The burger itself had a less than appropriate bun which was “fancy” but dry.  All the toppings (lettuce, onions etc.) were fresh and good and the patty itself looked good but what really surprised me was that they used the exact same cheese as they do with any of their cheeseburgers which means, when you take a bite you experience fresh toppings, different bun BUT the same McDonalds cheese you taste with everything else.  I didn’t know whether to like it or not.  I’m used to a cheap cheeseburger when I taste classic McDonalds cheese but not when I know I’ve just purchased a fancy burger.  Even the Big Mac doesn’t have that same cheese taste.

Overall it wasn’t a good experience and I’ll stick to the dollar menu or the Big Mac at McDonalds.  I figured it would be hard for McDonalds to make a move into the “fancy” burger business but I was at least hoping they’d make a better effort.  Granted, I haven’t tried the other two Angus burgers but I’m not excited based on my Deluxe burger experience.  My opinion, enjoy the classic McDonalds taste with something other than the new Deluxe Angus burger….at least the fries were good.


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