McDonalds Big Mac Burger Review

The Famous McDonalds Big Mac and Fries
The Famous McDonalds Big Mac and Fries
The Famous McDonalds Big Mac and Fries

So with all the burgers I’ve been eating lately (gladly of course) I decided today to try an old favorite, the McDonalds Big Mac.  I’ll admit, this used to be my favorite meal on earth, but since it’s been years since I’ve eaten anything at McDonalds that wasn’t on their Value Menu, I was really looking forward to having a Big Mac.

As always, the service was fast, the burger was delivered and the fries were crispy for the first 10 minutes.  Overall the Big Mac is still one of my favorite “Fast Food Burgers” because of the secret sauce and because it’s so different.  We all know that the you don’t eat a Big Mac for the meat and after eating a lot of really good, meaty burgers over the last few months, it was the sauce  that helped me enjoy this meal.

My Big Mac rating is simple:  the secret sauce is tangy, sweet and makes for a nice burger.  It’s one of my favorite fast food burgers (compared to Wendy’s, Burger King etc.) but only because of the unique and secret sauce.  If you want a substancial burger from a fast food restaurant then go to Carl’s Jr.

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  1. I just had a big Mac for the first time in many years. It was undoubtedly the worst burger I’ve ever had. A hockey puck meat patty, artificial cheese, or a really sick cow, stale bread and wilted lettuce. A true “gut buster”.

  2. McD’s entirely missed the mark with the new Grand Big Mac. 🙁
    The essential problem with the original Big Mac was too little beef per burger. New the just made a bigger version–same ratio, same dissatisfaction. New buns to stock, new packing to stock–stupid. All they had to due was put the patties from the quarter pounder in the original–good meat to burger ratio, increase in price appropriate, no new packaging, no new buns, they missed it entirely

  3. I had a big Mac last night and I couldn’t believe how thin the burger was!!! Rip off all bread never again

  4. Used to be best , now the worst. Where’s the beef.

  5. The Big Mac is the Most filling burger out there I couldn’t eat all of it.

  6. I remember when the Big Mac first came out. I loved it then and love it now. I read about a guy who claims he has eaten one every day for years. I belive it. I long for one now as I write this review.

  7. I eat a Big Mac now and then, when I am in a hurray and can’t find anything else. But, I can’t understand how they make such a tasteless burger. Really! Where do they find such bland cheese, meat and vegetables? No one else as that. I understand that their 5-year old kid loves it, because their taste buds are not fully developed. But their parents, connoisseurs of nothingness, love it too. Even a few spices and a bit more salt and pepper would help. Frankly, they could save money by plucking something like that out of the garbage can.

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