McDonalds 12 year old Burger a Myth?

So you’ve probably heard of the lady that saved a McDonalds burger on a shelf and after 12 years it still looked the exact same with no mold, no fuzz, no nothing.  In fact, if you’ve seen the pictures the burger looks just as good as it does fresh and then she goes on to say how Americans are feeding their children this stuff and we are all going to die (perhaps not using those exact words but you get the point).  Hurray for science because the folks at the Burger Lab have conducted an official experiment and this update is amazing.

Directly from post details:

“I decided to design a series of tests in order to ascertain the likeliness of each one of these separate scenarios (with the exception of the no-air theory, which frankly, doesn’t hold wind—get it?). Here’s what I had in mind:

  • Sample 1: A plain McDonald’s hamburger stored on a plate in the open air outside of its wrapper.
  • Sample 2: A plain burger made from home-ground fresh all-natural chuck of the exact dimensions as the McDonald’s burger, on a standard store-bought toasted bun.
  • Sample 3: A plain burger with a home-ground patty, but a McDonald’s bun.
  • Sample 4: A plain burger with a McDonald’s patty on a store-bought bun.*
  • Sample 5: A plain McDonald’s burger stored in its original packaging.
  • Sample 6: A plain McDonald’s burger made without any salt, stored in the open air.
  • Sample 7: A plain McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, stored in the open air.
  • Sample 8: A homemade burger the exact dimension of a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.
  • Sample 9:A plain McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder, stored in the open air”

Read the whole experiment here.


What’s great about this is the factual science behind mold is shared, the idea that beef jerky is made in a similar manner to how the McDonald’s burger was aged is mentioned and the fact that the people doing the experiment weren’t already food nazis all helped to make me even prouder to be a burger eating man.  In fact, I think we’ll have McDonalds for dinner….just because we can.

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