Marleys Cafe at Timpanogas Harley Davidson in Lindon Utah

Marleys Cafe in Lindon Utah
Marleys Cafe in Lindon Utah
Marleys Cafe in Lindon Utah

One of the newest and most interesting Burger joints in the entire state of Utah is Marley’s Cafe at the Timpanogas Harley Davidson dealership in Lindon.  You can learn more about why the dealership and building are both so amazing on their website but here on some interesting facts (then I’ll talk about the burger).

– About 80% of the entire dealership was built with recycled materials.
– Materials from Geneva Steel, an old Coca-Cola factor and a truss from the 1800s Ogden Depot.
– The Tower on top is a 75 foot tall, 1100-pound Water Tower

The Marleys Cafe Lunch
The Marleys Cafe Lunch

Focused on Sliders instead of the traditional burgers I usually review, Marley’s Cafe offers a variety of “Build Your Own Slider” options starting at $2.50 per slider or $6 for a meal with fries, drink and slider.  My question is who on earth can eat a lunch of just one slider?  I had two sliders with fries & drink and could have handled a few more. I went with simple Sliders with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, pickles and enjoyed the entire experience.  The food was brought to my table as I watched SportsCenter on the big screen and time from ordering to delivery was about 10 minutes.  The sliders were……sliders.  I’d love to have the same quality ingredients and delicous buns as a real burger but since that’s not an option I recommend getting at least 2 sliders if you are even a little hungry.

Overall the atmosphere was perfect for enjoying a hamburger and the food was pretty darn good.  The bread is delicious but I wish the fries were a thicker cut and their fry sauce isn’t the best in the world but it certainly does the trick.


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  1. We went into the Marleys at Riverwoods this morning. After our group of 6 had finished ordering full breakfasts andcin. rolls, we learned that the coffee we had ordered was bottled Starbucks. A bottle of cold Starbucks is not the same as a cup of hot unsweetened coffee. We said this and asked if they could make some real coffee and were told no. We cancelled out orders and went to Mimis.

  2. I’ve visited Marleys about four times now since it opened. My family loves the atmosphere and the friendly service. When we’re on rides we come here for the great sliders and they’re served quick.

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