Malt Shoppe Bacon Supreme Burger in Provo Utah

malt shoppe bacon supreme burger

malt shoppe bacon supreme burgerToday’s burger was from the 50s style diner called the Malt Shoppe in Provo.  It might even be safe to say that the Malt Shoppe hasn’t changed anything about itself in the last few decades but I don’t want to digress to much from the burger I ate.  I ordered the Malt Shoppe’s Bacon Supreme Burger Combo which included a Bacon Supreme Burger, a one patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles and bacon burger with large fries and a drink.  The picture displayed on the menu and the burger itself were pretty much the same thing so that’s a quick plus in my book.  As for the service, it was very “casual” or “not service oriented”.  Again, perhaps I digress.

The Malt Shoppe Bacon Supreme Burger was surprisingly delicious.  It was a pretty good patty and the bacon was deliciously covered by the melted cheese.  The bun was soft but strong and wasn’t caked in grease like I was expecting.  Overall, I was very pleased.  The fries were thick and from a bag but great with the fry sauce.  The fry sauce is self-serve from a “half cooler” ice filled container with a fry sauce squirter….good times:)

One word of warning (this is comparing two visits to the Malt Shoppe in 5 years).  If you eat at the Malt Shoppe don’t buy the cheap burger.  It’s disgusting.  When you buy cheap you get cheap and when you buy quality (like anything on the combo menu) you get a much better, delicious burger.  Please accept this warning as truth and enjoy a Malt Shoppe burger…and shake.


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