Lokal’s Booyah Burger

Booyah Burger at Lokal's

Lokal's Restaurant Lehi, HighlandIf you’ve seen a Lokal’s restaurant while driving around town and wondered what it was I’m happy to report that you are not alone. After wondering myself, I decided to find out what Lokal’s was all about and if they had anything for a burger lover like myself. Although they seem to be more proud of their baked wings and sauces, they should be better known for the BOOYAH burger I devoured the other day and which I’d recommend to anyone. Let’s discuss.

Booyah Burger at Lokal'sThe BOOYAH burger is a baked half-pound patty of descent meat topped with thickly sliced honey cured bacon that drips wholesome goodness with every bite or squeeze. There is also some cheddar AND provolone cheese, fresh lettuce, thick slices of deliciously crispy pickles, big tomato slices, red onions, some spicy brown mustard and after I added a touch of ketchup it was complete. They serve the BOOYAH burger on a thick and lightly flavored bun that holds up well against the flowing burger juices. If they flavored their meat this could be among my all-time favorite burgers but without that it was still pretty darn good. Now one note is that Lokal’s isn’t a french fry place, they are a Spud Rounds place. Beautifully baked thick-cut potato slices that come in spicy, plain or mixed. I could have gone for a bigger serving of spud rounds but they were wonderful with their smokey fry sauce.

Lokals Utah Booyah burger and spud friesThe atmosphere is open and inviting with plenty of TVs and a pool table. They do serve alcohol if that’s on your mind and the staff is friendly and honest in their opinions. You can add Guacamole, sprouts, jalapenos, bleu cheese chunks or any of their sauces for .99 but the BOOYAH burger is already priced ridiculously high at $11.99 so with that in mind this burger is more expensive than Five Guys, Smashburger, Lucky 13, Chubby’s and most gourmet burgers. I’ll still eat a few more but this is a $15-$20 meal with a drink and spud rounds so be warned. Overall the Lokal’s BOOYAH burger was delicious, flavorful, the bacon was richly delicious and I think I’ll add sprouts to my next one. If you’ve got a hankering for a new burger place and an extra $15 it’s a great burger I’m proud to recommend.

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