Lehi Bakery Donut Burger

Lehi Baker Donut Burger Tray

Lehi Baker Donut Burger TrayI went to the Lehi Bakery today (on historic Lehi Main Street) and was glistened with the scents of amazing donut masterpieces as I opened the front door.  As I gazed at the wall of donut trays and the beauty that was baked pastry goodness I was startled to see a burger staring back at me.  Two burgers to be precise.  They looked out of place but attractive next to the square glazed, the coconut donut and the maple bars but I knew that as a connoisseur of burgers it was my job to buy, eat and then review the Lehi Baker Donut Burger.

The bun is a unglazed baked donut with no hole.  The inside patty is actually a chocolate raised donut and the dressings include a whipped cream, icing for lettuce and mustard and a raspberry fill for the ketchup look.  I’m not a rookie to the sweet looking bad tasting pastry world so I was cautiously optimistic about the Lehi Baker donut burger but even the bakery worker said she’s heard good things about it, while not actually tasting it herself.  For $2.09 I was willing to give it a try, and give it a try I did.  DELICIOUS!

Donut BurgerIt was in all honesty a donut burger to beat all donut burgers.  I can’t talk to the amount of calories, fat and other potentially life threatening aspects of the donut burger but I can talk to the fact that it was delicious.  The fusion of donuts and whipped cream and a hint of raspberry filling was a beautiful medley of deliciousness that made me smile, contemplate and devour the donut burger.  Was it worth $2.09?  YES.  Should I have also purchased a maple bar?  NO, but I did and that’s beside the point.  Overall it is safe to say that if you are willing to give it a try you won’t be disappointed by the Lehi Baker Donut Burger.

Lehi Bakery
172 West Main Street
Lehi UT 84043


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  1. Chris,

    Just the thought of this make me want to heave. I am glad you enjoyed it. I do like the gummy burgers but for some reason I can’t get past the thought of beef on a doughnut bun. Even though I know this burger had zero beef, I still can’t shake that thought.

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