Las Vegas Burger Bar Lobster Burger Review

Burger Bar Mandalay Bay Lobster Burger

Burger Bar Mandalay Bay Lobster BurgerLas Vegas Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay is a great place to experience the fun of Las Vegas and the joy of burgers.  By chef Hubert Keller, Burger Bar is all about the experience and quality “pick your burger” service.  Today’s lunch choice for burger consisted of their Country Natural hamburger patty, cooked medium, from a family owned ranch in Colorado.  Next I added sprouts, bacon and fried egg to the already agreed upon lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions.  The final piece of this beautiful burger was Grilled Half Lobster and that makes this my first official Lobster Burger.

After ordering the burger of champions we waited for about 10 minutes (maybe a little longer) but with all the action around us (tvs, waiters, tv cameras) it was a fun atmosphere and our drinks were always full.  The service wasn’t pushy and our waiter did a great job of keeping us happy but keeping his distance.  I ordered the Fat fries for this meal and they ended up really hitting the spot.  Fat fries at Burger Bar are your typical thick cut fries with a nice crispy outside.  We were given some ranch dressing in addition to the ketchup and other condiments.

Mandalay Bay Burger BarWhen the Lobster burger arrived it was a thing of beauty.  The beef was cooked to Medium perfection with plenty of pink with a warm brown outside.  The bun gave out on me about half way through the burger but I still enjoyed the experience.  The lobster was an interesting addition.  $12 for the half grilled lobster addition and although it was a nice flavor with the beef and bacon, I don’t think it’s worth the $12 for an already $15 burger.  The bacon was flavorful but small and the sprouts were minimal but at the end of the day I loved the burger, loved the fries and am about to recommend Burger Bar in Las Vegas again.  DELICIOUS!


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