Larry’s Drive-In and the Governor Huntsman Choice Cheeseburger

larrys mealLooking for a burger in Fillmore, UT?  Probably not, but maybe you’re headed to St George or Las Vegas and passing thru Fillmore.  If you are then you need to visit Larry’s Drive-In on Hwy 89 in Fillmore and try their Quarter Pound Cheeseburger. Larry’s Drive-In is one of those places that you walk into and automatically want to relax and eat a good burger.  Looking at the menu I was impressed by a burger called “Governor Huntsman’s Choice – Quarter Pound Cheeseburger”.  Well if it’s good enough for Governor Hunstman (now Ambassador to China), it’s good enough for BurgerVoice….I hope.

The burger was delicious.  It’s a wide burger, not thick and by making it wide, the goodness is spread evenly over a fresh sesame seed bun.  The shredded lettuce, ketchup, mustard, cheese and onions.  Good, fresh meat makes a big deal and Larry’s hit the spot.  The fries on the other weren’t that good.  I was hoping for good quality fries and was saddened by basic, too crispy fries with no salt, no seasoning and school lunch style fry sauce.  Sadly, the fries don’t match the burger quality so I’d recommend a shake.  Dr. Pepper was the beverage of choice.

Overall the burger at Larry’s Drive-In was deliciously old fashioned.  The fries are nothing to get excited about.  The fry sauce was weak.  The experience was great.  Check out Larry’s Drive-In in Fillmore, UT and but if you can replace the fries with a shake, do it.


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  1. Tried these guys out for the first time when I pulled into Fillmore to hit one of the usual chains and saw the Larry’s building. I thought to myself, “I may as well try the local joint!” I did, and, as you have stated already, the burger was good — not great, but certainly better than the BK next door to them — and I did not leave feeling disappointed in my choice.

  2. Great malt, pretty good Larry’s Burger, service was lousy. Got a surprise when I got my Visa statement where they added an extra fee for using a credit card. Not impressed.

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