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Loaded Burger in LehiLet’s say welcome to Lehi, Utah. Official home of the Loaded Burger. That’s right, there’s a new burger in town and it’s a big deal, as in it’s amazing! The Loaded Burger offered at the all new Kickin It Sports Grill on Lehi State Street (in an old bar in the old random area of Lehi State Street) is a gift to burger lovers everywhere and worth the obscure location and $14 price tag, especially when served with Fried Dutch Oven Potatoes (they are so, so delicious). Even the fry sauce has a nice and unique flare to it. Allow me to continue…

The loaded burger is a wonderful (I’ve had it 8 times now) half-pound patty cooked to perfection and served on an equally delicious Stone Ground bun. They take this base and add a magical mash of bacon and chive potato cake, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a fried onion with a giant knife stuck through the middle to keep it all together. It’s juicy, delicious and you’ll be grabbing every spill of potato cake goodness from your plate because you won’t want it to go to waste…it’s that good.

delicious lehi burgerThe fried dutch oven potatoes are some of the best fry like potatoes I’ve ever had. You know that feeling you get when you look at a fried potato wedge and think it will be delicious only to face ultimate disappointment when you actually bite in and realize it’s a dry, thick potato facade? These dutch oven fried potatoes TASTE like you’ve always expected the potato wedges to taste like. Dipped in fry sauce and matched with the loaded burger, this will be a trip worth making.

The only downside is they are still trying to figure out how to offer any type of speed (plan on a bit of a wait even if you are the only one there) and you’ll need to ask for refills because that’s also an area lacking. Overall, Kickn It Cafe in Lehi gets the official BurgerVoice badge of honor.

Kick N’ It Sports Grill

250 W State Street
Lehi UT 84043
Kickn It Sports Grill

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