Iowa City’s Hamburg Inn Bacon Cheeseburger

Hamburg Inn Bacon Cheeseburger

Hamburg Inn Bacon CheeseburgerIowa City is home of the Hawkeyes and the Hamburg Inn. In my first visit to Iowa, it was decided that I needed to try the Hamburg Inn and one of their delicious hamburgers. Apparently the Hamburg Inn is one of Iowa City’s oldest restaurants and the walls are covered in pictures of Presidents and Politicians over the last several decades partaking of the Hamburg Inn goodness. I knew I was in the right place.

The Bacon Cheeseburger was the burger of choice for today.  While looking at the menu, I was also intrigued by “Moose Milk” which is on their kid’s menu and is “Milk+Pepsi”…can you imagine?  Back to the Bacon Cheeseburger, all their meat comes from the area and the quality is phenomenal.  The bacon was also nicely crisped and with the pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard it was a really good meal.  The bun was good but needs a little more toasting or buttering.  The bun didn’t match the quality of the rest of the ingredients BUT overall this was  a good burger.

The meat used in this burger was really, really good.  It was cooked to a medium/well and had a lot of flavor.  I officially am a fan of Iowa meat and look forward to going back for another specialty burger.  The french fries at Hamburg Inn aren’t anything special.  I was hoping for some really good fries but these go down as average. They are crinkle cut fries with no extra seasoning, no extra salt and no real flavor.  With ketchup they came across as average fries but they do offer a slew of other options with your burger so when you go, don’t feel bad about skipping the fries.

Overall, the Hamburg Inn is a really fun experience.  There is a lot of history and nostalgia to enjoy as soon as you walk in.  They also offer a rewards program which gives you a 5% discount on your entire meal.  The burger was a good burger and the bacon cheeseburger is something I would order again.  The fries can be skipped.  Almost every table was getting a shake for dessert so be sure to try their famous pie shakes.  Thank goodness for the great Iowa meat!!


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