Iowa 80 – Worlds Largest Truckstop….Burger

Iowa 80 CB Burger

Iowa 80 CB BurgerOn a recent trip to Iowa we passed the World’s Largest Truckstop known as Iowa 80.  It was a site to see with all those semi-trucks parked, fueling and realizing that they weren’t even close to capacity.  Immediately I figured, if I was a delicious burger where would I be?  Well the World’s Largest Truckstop of course.  We hit the Iowa 80 Cafe with high expectations and with all the trucker folks sitting at various tables having trucker talk I was anxious to eat what I though would be a deliciously amazing burger.  The menu offered a variety of cleverly named burgers and the C.B. Burger was the burger of choice.

Iowa80 TruckstopThe service was typical diner style with a touch of personality, attitude and flirtation.  As for the burger it was a pretty average burger with no special features or highlights.  It was cooked closer to well than I typically enjoy so it was in need of the toppings.  The toppings were all fresh but weren’t complementary of the overall burger so mostly felt like a fresh salad on top of a patty of beef.  The cheese was fine but also didn’t flow with the overall burger so as much as I wanted this to be an amazing burger experience, Iowa 80 was more of a bust…from the burger side.

Now as for Iowa 80 as a truckstop, holy crap!  It was amazing.  Whenever you’re at a truck stop and see stairs that lead up Dentist at the Iowa 80 Truckstopto a dental practice while staring at ice cream, toiletries and a full semi-truck on display with all the bells and whistles a truck could ever have you can’t be anything but amazed.  I can’t help but recommend stopping at Iowa 80 and taking it all in.  Maybe just eat at the buffet and let the burgers sound good on paper:)

Iowa 80 Truckstop
755 W Iowa 80 Rd
I-80, Exit 284
Walcott IA 52773

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